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🎵”Waiting for the sunrise, waiting for the day, waiting for a sign that im, where you want me to be. You know my heart is heavy and the hurt is deep, but when i feel like giving up, you’re reminding me, that we all fall down sometimes, when i hit the ground…You lift me up when I am weak, your arms wrap around me, your love catches me so I’m letting go, you lift me up when I can’t see, your hearts all that I need, your love carries me so I’m letting go…”🎵 #TheAfters #YouLiftMeUp #nextinline #BeLove Have an Amazing day! 💛

Good Morning! Everything is a process. The more deep breaths we take and experience the moment, the more value we have for each second of our lives. In THIS moment its as good as it gets, I’m Thankful and Grateful bc there may not be another. Inhale – Love and Appreciation, Exhale – Love and Appreciation. Have a Wonderful day and Be Good! #nextinline #BeLove #begood #namaste

Be Strong, it gets easier. The more you practice not being affected, the more you are not affected. It becomes easy to see the discomfort in the eyes of the people who use their words and actions as weapons. Show them Love anyway, they need it …😉 #nextinline #BeLove #BeStrong

Good Beautiful Sunday Morning!! In a world where we hear what we do wrong bf we are praised for what we do right; I don’t take it for granted when someone shares words with me. What a moment this was for me not only to hear but to see the light and emotion in the eyes of my client. It lit me up on the inside. I pray you all have the best day possible and that you reach out to people who matter and impact your life and let them know how much they are appreciated. 😊😆😙💛 #nextinline #BeLove #IAppreciateYouAll #belight

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